Saturday, April 18, 2009

First movie

At just a few weeks short of turning 2 Preston saw his first Theater movie!  If you can't read the sign it was Cars.  One of the theaters near us shows matinee specials and that week they were playing, Cars.  I knew he would be a little young for a 2 hour movie, but Preston LOVES anything that has wheels and moves so I was counting on his attention holding out a little longer than normal.  
And HE DID GREAT!  He stood up right in front of my chair for the first half of the movie, and then sat down to eat his little popcorn and drink.  And then he fells asleep near the end!! ha! ;)
But better that than running all over the place!

Here's Preston about to go in and watch with his friend, Lily!

Easter 2009

This Easter took me by surprise in the sense that I had no idea how much I would delight in watching Preston.  Last year he was not walking yet so an Easter Egg hunt was not in the plans.  But this year I set up a little one in our backyard and he LOVED it!  He would pick up each egg and say, "all done!" thinking each time that he had found the last egg!  
THEN, he quickly realized there was candy {skittles} in each one! :)  Only problem is he believes every egg has candy in it...even the REAL ones!
He had a blast...just pure joy, and I loved watching him.  But what makes me really excited is thinking about the years to come and how great it will be when he starts to understand why we celebrate Easter!!!!

Hunting for eggs!
Full basket!
Searching high and low!
Making smores over Easter weekend and using little bunny marshmallows!
Preston's little Easter basket
Opening his basket on Easter morning!