Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Boy Bedroom

We survived. After 48 hours of almost no sleep, Preston is sleeping in a "big boy bed!" Here's what he looked like when we told him with great excitement about his new bed. I should have known the night would be long just based on his expression. So after taking turns laying down with him, singing, praying, and more praying he fell asleep. Wow, that wasn't that bad - I thought...then he woke up countless times that night and for the next 2 days. He would not only get out of bed, but also sneak around our house in the middle of the night. We found him in the hallway, playing with toys in different rooms and he even went and got Bella out of her cage where she sleeps at night...I guess he was lonely. Ha! We had to laugh, but then quickly put a gate up in his doorway.
Let's just say we haven't been that sleep-deprived since his Newborn days.
Like I said...not really thrilled about the new bed!
BUT, here's proof that he does sleep. I took this during one of his naps.
Here's the other bed in his room. I have some fun "cow" material that we are going to make pillows out of and put on the beds also. His room has a cowboy theme, but I didn't buy's really just a random collection of what we had around the house. The white shelves are from Pottery Barn and we got them when we got married. I bought the cowboy sheets at Target and the bedding is by Woolrich. It's no longer carried at Target so I bought them off Ebay.
The bed he sleeps in. The bed rail saves him every night! :) or else he would be hitting the floor. I highly recommend them! Curtains from Wal-mart...and were also used in the nursery.
Tea towels I bought in Canton. They were WHITE so I soaked them in a pot of tea to stain them and make them look a little more "antique."
These little windows I got in an antique mall after college.
We had this stool but Jason painted it. Rug is from Target.
Rocking Horse was given as a gift from the grandparents for his 1st's also an antique.
Vintage wallpaper that Jason's mom had framed.
A little antique tri-cycle that I begged Jason to find a way to hang from the ceiling. He did so good! :) I just think it's fun.
Book shelf from Ikea...we've used that shelf all over our house, and it's been many colors! ;) I should have straightened up the bookshelf before the pic, but you get to see how it really looks with a toddler! :)
View from the doorway.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I know I have much to blog about (see last post) but I'm feeling sentimental so I thought documenting this milestone might help! ;)
any guesses?  No, it doesn't have to do with the shiny thing in his hand.
That's just a pinwheel that he found at my Mom's house and has fallen in love with.  It goes with him around the house, in the car so he can let the AC from the vents blow it, and of course to bed with him.
See...he's giving you a closer look!
Back to the's a pic of Preston's own little jumping session.  Problem is..he can't have those in his NEW bed!  That's right, we are taking the crib out and (hopefully) he will sleep in his twin bed tonight!
I'll let you know how it goes...because as you can see he can get a little crazy! ;)
But eventually he lays down and gets the blanket( night night) in perfect placement!  And then he's off to dreamland.  I'm praying he does the same in a bed.  I mean, he can't always stay in a crib, right? ;)  
Assuming I get some sleep tonight..then I'll post some pics of his "big boy" bed tomorrow.

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid.
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet."
~Proverbs 3:24

Sweet Dreams.