Thursday, December 11, 2008

This post is mainly for the record books (and grandparents).  I am aware that it is all about Preston! ;)

He's been my Santa's helper!  Here he is trying to help me with putting lights on the wreath.  He also tried to help with the Nativity...I will show pics later because it deserves a post all its own.
Preston enjoys using Bella as a back support and enjoys trying to ride her like a horse.  She complies, which is another reason why we love her!
Apparently he got a little friendly with the pen.  Have a mentioned he's getting a bit mischievous?!
Here's where I found him the other morning when I knew things were a little too quiet.  He can now reach into drawers.  I was a bit annoyed, but happy to not find them in the toilet...which is usually his favorite spot for things.
Eating bananas in a box, of course.  This goes along perfectly with my dads theory that children don't need toys, just boxes and pots & pans!
Eating ON the dishwasher.  What's funny is I can remember doing the same thing as a kid!
Reading books in bed.  I've found if I put his favorite books in the crib with him it will buy me enough time to take a shower!  
At snuffers, first time for him to sit in a booster!  What a big boy!

Riding the carousel last week...he wasn't the biggest fan.  

Preston loves to push an pull things.  Here he is at Thanksgiving helping my dad to his car.
The blanket.  oh, the blanket.  He doesn't have to have it everywhere he goes,  but it's a must at bedtime.  And it's also a must to clear out his bed in the morning.  He can't leave anything (blanket, stuffed animal) in the bed.  
Loves to "talk" on the phone.  He can almost slide my phone on which is very scary.
Loves, loves, loves firetrucks and anything that has a siren.  This was a fire truck book I bought at Target for a buck!  Great purchase!
Playing the piano in his p.j's.  He still loves to play with his Dad!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

17, 18, and 19 months

17 months...

18 months...

19 months...

this is his new face!?!

It's late. and there's so much I should be cleaning, or wrapping gifts, or making gifts, or sleeping!  but I REFUSE to get any further behind on blogging and pictures!  I have hundreds of pictures on this computer needing to be put on this 'virtual scrapbook' of mine.  It may look like Preston hasn't changed much over the last few months, but he has....with his personality, attitude, and opinion coming out more each day!  And somehow (life gets busy) I have missed the opportunity to capture those moments on here -  as they happen.  So here's my attempt at getting something on here before bed, and hoping for more blogging tomorrow!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Fair!

Of course I'm posting these about a month late.  I've about given up on posting anything on time! ;)  But since I consider this our digital scrapbook I figured it's better to put it in here late than not at all!

towards the end of our day...if you can't tell from P's expression
pictures were taken...
and then more pictures were taken
Yummy, fried, low calorie food was eaten
babies were carried
and babies were strolled
babies were held TIGHT
and babies were pulled

animals were seen
and animals were pointed at
and animals were fed!
He LOVES the animals.  In fact, he "moo-ed" the entire time in the petting zoo.  because no matter what animal it is, it always moo's!
Family Pic 2008
Family Pic 2007

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night we went to an early Halloween Festival.  Preston, I mean, the Bear had no problem getting candy from those handing out.  He caught onto the idea of picking candy from their buckets and putting it in his.  He wouldn't even let me touch his bucket for the rest of the night. :)  It's also worth mentioning that this sentence was said to us several times, "SHE is such a cute bear!"  Next year I'm dressing him as the Incredible HULK!!
Meet the three B's:

The Bear, Bam Bam, and the Ballerina!
aka, Preston, Evan, and Lily
The Bear is way more interested in candy than taking a picture!
Daddy and the bear
Bear is confused by big Rabbit?!?!
Click here to see Preston at last years Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grapefest 2008

Sorry for the VERY late post...seems to be a theme of mine!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things Lately...

I ran in my first 5k this past weekend.  That's right, my first.  Just started running with consistency about 2 months ago.  We'll see where it goes?!?

Carrie and I at the Vineyard 5k.  She's a great runner!
Our families checking out the vineyards
A very beautiful couple, Mack and Colby.  Preston and I went to their wedding a few weeks ago.  Congratulations Ivey's!

Preston laying his head in Bella's bowl!  Gross, I know.
Waffles and bananas for breakfast...almost every morning!

Preston and Lily playing at the fountains.

More scheming....
Lily was taught well and stays away from the mud.  Her dad is Josh, after all.
"WAIT for me Lily!!"

Lots of teasing...
And more playing
They even share!  sometimes.
And then they wrestle!
Pics of Grapefest Next!!!