Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Fair!

Of course I'm posting these about a month late.  I've about given up on posting anything on time! ;)  But since I consider this our digital scrapbook I figured it's better to put it in here late than not at all!

towards the end of our day...if you can't tell from P's expression
pictures were taken...
and then more pictures were taken
Yummy, fried, low calorie food was eaten
babies were carried
and babies were strolled
babies were held TIGHT
and babies were pulled

animals were seen
and animals were pointed at
and animals were fed!
He LOVES the animals.  In fact, he "moo-ed" the entire time in the petting zoo.  because no matter what animal it is, it always moo's!
Family Pic 2008
Family Pic 2007