Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter in Pics!

Preston's first Easter!
Digging in his basket...
...Happy to find an egg!
Don't you think Preston looks just like Cade, the little boy to P's right?  It's one of Christi (Holleman) Spenrath's boys and I kept looking at him thinking that's what P will look like when he's 2.  Christi is one of Jason's cousins and you can take a look at her blog here.  She has 4 precious boys!!
Papaw Asa telling the little ones about the importance of Easter!
Mimi and Papaw with all their GREAT-Grandchildren!  What a blessing!
Preston with his other PaPaw.
Playing with a few things found in the Easter Basket from Grandma.
Helping Grandma with her bubbles.  We were so glad she was able to visit us for a few days!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flash Back!

I heard several news stations talk about how the war began 5 years ago last week. And my mind immediately thought back to where I was. I like to do that with major events and small ones. I like to think back to what I was doing, and how similiar or different life was, even if it's just a year back.
Of course as I travel across time in my mind I sometimes find myself thinking back on sad times, or funny stories, great memories or not so fond ones. Either way, I still enjoy the traveling.
So back to 5 years ago. It was Spring Break. I was not in school where Spring Break really mattered, but was inbetween jobs so I was able to join Jason on a trip with a friends' youth group. It was not a youth group from a church that we attended, but J was asked to go, and so I was going to tag along. (We were dating at the time.) So we drove to Colorado in vans and arrived late one night. We were all staying at the youth pastor's brothers' home...all 25 of us! We got in just in time to crash on the floor, but no worries because in just a matter of hours we would be in the bliss of snow-covered mountains.
Well. We woke up the next morning to snow. The start of a blizzard had begun. And I'll skip all the details to just tell you the kind of blizzard this was.
Denver received 31 inches of snow, and the Rocky Mountains a record setting 87 inches. They had not had snow fall like that since 1913!
So instead of skiing, here's a few things that we did:
*Shoveled snow because we couldn't go anywhere...couldn't see or find the cars parked outside.
*Jillynn and I wrapped trash bags around our shoes (homeade snow boots) so that we could walk around and get some fresh air. Literally! We were all sharing 2 bathrooms.
*Played way too many games of spades.
*Watched the war begin on t.v.
*Watched our friends drive away in their rental car, leaving us there to suffocate. Okay, that's a little exagerrated, but not by much.
Finally, the roads cleared enough for us to:
*Go to the mall too many times. I've never hated shopping so much in my life.
*Go to the indoor pool where J would bust his ear drum.
*Spend hours at the Emergency Room. (see previous)
*Drink way too much Starbucks coffee.
*Drive HOME!!!
So there was no skiing for us, but we have been able to go skiing a couple of times since then. I only have pictures of last year's Spring Break on this computer so I'll post a few of those. I was 34 weeks pregnant with Preston so you won't see me on the slopes!

Yikes! Got a little too friendly with the snow.

In the town of Breckenridge
Carolyn Scott made these. They happen to be my favorite cookie. These may or may not have been a contributing factor to Preston weighing 8 1/2 lbs!! I'll never say....

J and I with coffee in hand, of course!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Duck Tale

We asked PaPaw to give Preston another hair-cut this weekend.  I've been holding off because I was liking the longer look.  But on the back of his head his hair started to form what we like to refer to as the "duck tail".  I wish I had a picture of it, but just imagine some really long hairs gathered together to form a feathered tail.  
Preston was a little uneasy about the hair cut at first.  But then Mimi came in with an early Easter gift for Preston.  A cute little duck!  How perfect!  
A little frightened by the scissors!
Check out the hair flying off!
Mimi, Aunt Jen, and P
I love my Mimi!
Hugging Ducky and Mimi.  So sweet!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Magic Kingdom

Pirate and Princess Party!

My Dad and Mary generously bought us all tickets to this party at the Magic Kingdom. There were only a couple thousand people there...compared to the 100,000 that the park holds it really felt like we had the place all to ourselves. We had great seats for everything and waited in line for nothing! The kids (and kids at heart) were all dressed up and searching for the hidden treasures! And Jason and I got to enjoy a very nice, quiet dinner on the patio while the others took care of Preston. Very fun!!!

WDW Characters

No captions for this slideshow. Shame on you if you don't know who these characters are! ;)

The Animal Kingdom

This was my favorite theme park!

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Snow Again!

Below are some pics I took of the beautiful snowfall last Thursday.  It was the second time for it to snow last week, but we missed Monday night's because we were out of town.  When I heard that it snowed I was a little bummed to have missed it.  I'm a sucker for all things Colorado...mountains, skiing, and of course SNOW.  So you can imagine my delight to find the white wintry mix had visited us twice in one week.  In Texas!  I felt like it was a gift from God, just for me.  Do you ever feel like that?

Snow falling, falling, fallling.
It's actually sticking!
Watch out.  Bella makes yellow snow!
Bella - just a tad bit excited about the snow.
More snow.
P's reaction to the winter wonderland.
Daddy came home to play too!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ten Months!

Happy Ten Months!
Look what I can do with my tongue?

My sad face.
Hanging out with Bella...wishing we were both outside.
Dearest Preston,
I'm over a week late in posting this for your ten months.  But that's very characteristic of me...great intentions, but a little late!  But if I were to be truly honest I would say I've been avoiding this post.  I'm finding it harder and harder to add words to pictures.  I feel like I can't describe all of you in just words.  It's been amazing to watch you delight in life.  You are curious about everything and want to take it ALL in.  I love to watch you giggle, and just tonight we had you laughing so hard that your dad and I looked at each other in disbelief...thinking, "Isn't this so fun?"  You are pulling up on anything in sight and love to stand tall.  Sometimes you fall hard and bump your head.  But I'll scoop you up and you'll just rest your head on my shoulder.  It seems to do the trick because seconds later you're ready to go again. and again. and again.     
Oh how thankful to the Lord we are for you.  You bring so much joy!

Disney Pics...I haven't forgotten!  I promise to post them soon.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm posting from Disney World!! We are here on vacation because my parents so generously decided to take us all on a trip here. It's been fantastic! We already have hundreds of pics, and I don't have much time but wanted to leave a few teasers for now. I'll post a full report when we return!! Until then, Have a Magical Day! ;)
We've been eating AAHHH-Mazing food! Here's one of the best salads I've ever put in my mouth! This was just the was followed by Lobster, and then a delicious dessert!
One of the rooms in our cute condo. A wonderful place to stay...and yes, that's Mickey made on our bed out of towels! Disney thinks of everything...every detail!
Not the best shot, but I was trying to get a shot of them on the of the MANY ways of transportation here at disney. Just this week I've been on planes, boats, roller coasters, rafts, taxi's, buses, monorail, hang-glider (it's a ride here). anyways, you get the point...we've been busy!