Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Tour

Yes, you can laugh at the title of this post. But, since I took these pictures thinking I would participate in the tour again this year I thought I would still post them....exactly one month too late! ;) There are many excuses but I will save you from all of them except one. A very important one. My computer has been sick (wasn't working right) so we took it to the Dr. (the apple store) and they fixed it...sort of. And now it has different problems. So we will be taking it back. Thus, I've been delayed in blogging.

The Beautiful Christmas Tree. I say beautiful because my mother-in-law made it that way. She's a "Christmas tree putting together extraordinaire!" And she came over one night to put her special touch and I am so thankful. I think we put on around 200 ornaments.

Our dining room...
Another Mother-in-law work of art! If you will look again at last year's tour you will see the garland I put up was pathetic. I'm embarrassed.
Hall of fame...Christmas cards.
Living Room with our "real little tree" in it. It has all the cute, family, mismatch ornaments on it.
A Nativity scene...
A cute little "pocket" Nativity of Preston's....

A favorite ornament. My mom makes these with her preschool class. It's made from a laundry detergent scoop. It's a little can't see it but baby Jesus is sleeping inside!
side view...
And my other nativity. Preston tumbled into it one morning. I was gone somewhere and I got a phone call from J telling me he was okay, but the nativity wasn't. This is what I found when I got home. I think it was a conspiracy. J thinks I have too many nativities. (Again, just look at last year's and you'll see the Nativity in one piece.)
A closer look...if you double click you will see baby Jesus broke his arm.
And here's a decapitated wise man.

And at the end of the home tour I would offer you these pretty, fat-free snacks....
And of course the beverage of your choice!
Thanks for coming!