Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night we went to an early Halloween Festival.  Preston, I mean, the Bear had no problem getting candy from those handing out.  He caught onto the idea of picking candy from their buckets and putting it in his.  He wouldn't even let me touch his bucket for the rest of the night. :)  It's also worth mentioning that this sentence was said to us several times, "SHE is such a cute bear!"  Next year I'm dressing him as the Incredible HULK!!
Meet the three B's:

The Bear, Bam Bam, and the Ballerina!
aka, Preston, Evan, and Lily
The Bear is way more interested in candy than taking a picture!
Daddy and the bear
Bear is confused by big Rabbit?!?!
Click here to see Preston at last years Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grapefest 2008

Sorry for the VERY late post...seems to be a theme of mine!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things Lately...

I ran in my first 5k this past weekend.  That's right, my first.  Just started running with consistency about 2 months ago.  We'll see where it goes?!?

Carrie and I at the Vineyard 5k.  She's a great runner!
Our families checking out the vineyards
A very beautiful couple, Mack and Colby.  Preston and I went to their wedding a few weeks ago.  Congratulations Ivey's!

Preston laying his head in Bella's bowl!  Gross, I know.
Waffles and bananas for breakfast...almost every morning!

Preston and Lily playing at the fountains.

More scheming....
Lily was taught well and stays away from the mud.  Her dad is Josh, after all.
"WAIT for me Lily!!"

Lots of teasing...
And more playing
They even share!  sometimes.
And then they wrestle!
Pics of Grapefest Next!!!

Houston: Part 3

We just got back from our postponed trip to Houston.  Thank you all for always asking how my family was doing through Ike.  They were blessed to only have faced some minor damage.  My dad and Mary were without power for several days, but were able to get a generator a few days in.  
Here are 2 blog posts by Amanda (Beth Moore's daughter) that I think give great perspective on Hurricane Ike.  You can read them here and here.

My parents so graciously let us have their seats for the aTm game.  We had a great time, but you can see from Preston's expressionless face that he was only half-way there.  He seemed tired, but really he was coming down with a cold or virus that I was unaware of.  Not sure what he has, but he's been pretty miserable the last couple of days! :(
Parachute jumpers before the game began.
Each one of them landed perfectly on the 50 yard line.  Amazing!
Part of the half-time show.  It was Military Appreciation day.  Running the flag across the field.
And the finished product.  Beautiful.

And the rest are just random pics from the weekend...
Bella on point.  (She gets a little excited at the lake)

Here's my nephew Tegan...fresh from a very fun (slightly terrorizing, I'm sure) jet ski ride with his Dad.  My brother does not hold back.
And P with the new pup, Bogey.  Yes, as in the golf term...he was the only one in the litter! ;)