Thursday, January 31, 2008


Below are some pics of dear friends I've been able to see recently. And wish I could see more, but it's difficult when your friends are spread over the country and world!! And what's even better than spending time with friends is meeting their newest additions! Mandy, me, Preston, Ellen
This picture was taken at Mandy's shower...she's due VERY soon. Yay!! Can't wait to meet the little guy. Mandy and I were roommates in college, but have been friends since 3rd grade!! That's 20 years y'all!! I know I just aged myself! And Ellen was also a roommate at the Dexter house. She has 2 little ones, Ben and Summer!! They are cuties!!!!!
Avery, Jim(Avery's daddy), Preston, Jason
Avery's mom, Kelli should be in this picture but she was sick! :( Little Avery was born in November and you can tell that Preston already wants to be her friend...he's no fool, he can see the beauty. Kelli and I were also roommates in college and friends since 4th grade. Yes,...I'm crazy blessed to have lifelong friendships!
Me and Preston, Berkley, Andrea, and Davis.
I was able to visit with Andrea and her twin babies this past weekend when we went to College Station. We had a little play date at Barnes & Noble. You can see more pics of our time together here! Andrea and I met at A&M. Preston and the twins are only 6 weeks apart! (right, Andrea?) They're adorable. I've watched them "grow-up" on her blog, and they're even cuter in person!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet tooth!

This is more for our record books than your information, but Preston has his first tooth coming in. I saw it last night as I was changing him. I must say I was a bit relieved to find it. Last week he just didn't seem to be himself and was very fussy!! I thought he might be teething...and sure enough he was. And then of course another part of me is already missing his gummy smile!

Kristyn a.k.a. Claire??

Find out Which Lost Character Are You at!

I found this quiz on my friend Andrea's blog and decided to give it a whirl! I mean all true lost fans would, right? So, it turns out that I would be Claire. I can't quite stand behind the validity of the quiz...meaning- I don't know how it concluded that I was Claire because the questions were so RaNdOm! My character's description is very flattering, but not like Andrea's...they call her HOT! :)
C'mon you know you want to take the quiz too!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dog Food

Bella. She has many "roles". First, she was our family pet. Then, she became Preston's never-ending entertainment. And now she's our vacuum cleaner.
She has found her new favorite place under Preston's chair. She waits patiently at breakfast, lunch, and dinner in hopes of any morsel of dropped food. Preston pushes around his Cheerios, puffs, and sliced bananas on his tray...playing with them more than eating really. Most of them fall to the floor where Bella finds her new delightful treats. The rest are hidden in P's fists where I think one day he will figure out how to get them into his mouth! Until then, Bella will continue to vacuum the floors.
Many of you gave great tips on how to transition from jar food to 'solid food'. So thanks for all your help, Preston seems to be enjoying his new diet. (and Bella too!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 31

Is anyone else counting down the days until this???...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Eight Months!!

Preston at 8 months!
He used to sit so nicely for me to take his picture...So I can take it in the same spot every month! Well, No More! He'd rather be playing...such is the life now, I guess.

A really crazy hair day...most are pretty wild, but this seemed especially pic-worthy!
Cooold! Taken after a walk.
In my new jammies!
Squeaky clean.
Exploring under the tree!
My little man!

Last but not least...we're pulling-up! At least in the crib he is. I haven't seen him do it other places, but he's trying! What a difference a month makes...the milestone of mobility has begun!
I do love this new stage, but of course it makes me already miss the times of him playing in the same spot! ;)
He's quite the mama's boy right now. I think Dr's call this stage separation anxiety, I call it CUTE. And my apologies to Ang and Bex for trying to hold him in one of these moments! :)

Logan - the Sky Angel Cowboy

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with a YouTube video similar to the one below about a 13 yr. old boy named Logan. After watching it I had a hard time believing that it was real so I looked it up KSBJ's web-site because that was the station that Logan called. And sure enough, it's a true story.

Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy, appears on the 700 Club. They profiled his family, trip to Houston, and his heart for others to have a relationship with God.

It's incredible story that stemmed from a mere phone call and if you haven't had a chance to become aquainted with Logan and his beautiful family, we know you'll be so blessed by this story.

Play Here

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas with Randolph's

Christmas morning at Mom's house...always amazing...every year!

This is Christmas Night at Margaret's house. I need to get pics from someone who actually took pictures that night. I think I was too busy with P, and only took a couple. Thanks Margaret for hosting all of us! It was a great night!

Christmas with Holleman's

First Christmas!

You should have seen when I first handed him over. P just stared at the colors in his shirt and tried to eat his suspenders!!

Even though Preston didn't know how to open gifts this year or the meaning behind Christmas it didn't take away from the anticipation of his first Christmas. Maybe it's the sweetness of a baby during this season, but there really is something spectacular about sharing Christmas with children.

Can't get this pic to turn - Darn!! It's so cute b/c Preston and Bella are both fascinated with the train.
Merry Christmas!
Reading before bedtime.
Grandmom pulling P's new wagon.
His shirt says, "Who needs Santa, I've got Grandparents!"

In my new Christmas P.J.'s
Checkin' out Mr. Snowman
Ready for my first Radio Flyer Wagon Ride - Thanks Grandmom!

Whew! What a Christmas!!