Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We've come a long way baby...

As you can see from the date of this post I tried to publish this 2 days ago, but was having problems with loading pictures in blogger??  Preston turned 1 yesterday (May 1)!!  I still can't believe it...Guess it hasn't quite sunk in yet.  Here are his "birthday month" pictures:


You can tell that his hair has grown right along with him!  I will post a 12 mo./1 year pic later...just wanted to get these up.
We had a little party yesterday for P!  It was fun, but I did learn a lot about throwing a first birthday party, and have a list of things that I would do differently next time.  Top on the list would be: Spend more time with your baby on his birthday instead of spending MOST of the day getting ready for a party! ;)  I didn't plan it that way, just kinda how it turned out.  But we did celebrate his first year of life and that's all that matters!  And thanks to all that called, texted (is that a word?), e-mailed, mailed, etc. to wish Preston a Happy Birthday... I felt like I was having a birthday too!

Just call me Crickett

Your Preppy Name Is...
Eaton Oakleigh Newcomb the Fourth
But most people know you as Cricket

Monday, April 28, 2008


This week we will celebrate these birthdays!!!
Our little guy turns ONE!

Aunt Jennifer (J's youngest sis) turns 26!  Pictured with boyfriend, Brian.
And Mimi, (J's mom) turns $%!  Hope you win BIG!!!!!  HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Things

Here are a few things that entertain our (almost) 1 year old.  Who knows, some of these may bring you joy as well...
Playing in the drawers.  Sometimes this ends very badly when he accidentally smashes his fingers in the drawer.
Perusing the fridge.
Sitting in the toy box.
Sitting in the other toy box.  I did not put him in either of those.
But I did put him in this laundry basket and pushed him around the house.  He loved it!
Playing and EATING Bella's food.

Licking toes! ;)

I already mentioned the food, but P also loves to grab the water bowl and pour it on himself! Lovely.

Playing with Bella.  Lately, Preston has learned how to roll a ball to her, and he laughs every time she fetches it.
Carrying around mom's cell phone.
Turning knobs.  This one is on the stereo, but he also loves the ones on his dresser and can now take them off too.
Listening to music!  And damaging the speakers by pressing in the center.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bluebonnet Baby

Last weekend we went to Greenville and actually found some bluebonnets! They're hard to come by in the city. Anyways, I captured a few of P before he had a total meltdown. It was hot, and I had a hard time getting him to look at the camera with the sun in his face. Thought the grandparents would want to see...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happenings around Here...

*  I just got a FREE personalized signature by Vanessa at Butterfly Sparks Designs.  It's her website, and you should check out her stuff.  She's quite talented and right now she has a great promotion going on.  Check it out by clicking here and you can get a free one too!! 
*Preston has been throwing food off the table when he eats.  And I know it's food that he likes, so we must be in a new stage??  So I've been telling him NO when he does it and usually he stops, but sometimes I have to repeat myself and then he sticks his bottom lip out and it starts quivering.  It's really quite cute and sad at the same time.

* A dear friend of ours just got back from serving in Iraq.  You can check out their very sweet reunion!!  They were apart for the majority of 2 years!!!  

* You know that spring has officially arrived when Bella is back in the fountain!  In typical lab fashion she LOVES anything water related!  At least she's smart enough not to get in during the winter months!

I am taking a baking class.  Well, really it's more about decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes...that sort of thing.  I really want to take a cooking class, but thought I would start with this...since I feel a little more confident with my baking skills.  So here's my first cake for the class.  It's a "cupcake" cake.  This is how it looked before class....

And after class.... 
Preston is starting to let go while standing.  We caught him in the action here:
We went to the Arboretum last week.  Of course "Dallas Blooms" is happening so it's just gorgeous.  Here's one pic while we were there:
After the Arboretum we met Mimi for some delicious Mexican food.  Can't remember the name of the restaurant but it's in the Lakewood area, right near the theatre.
*I've been working out with some girls doing Crossfit.  Well, they've been doing it for a while and I just started it.  Last week we did a work-out of basically just dips, pull-ups, and push-ups and I couldn't move my arms for 2 days.  Painful.

*Jason left his IPhone at a restaurant in town at the table where he was sitting.  When he went back to go get it one of the bus boys had turned it in!  I couldn't believe it, there are actually some honest people left in this world. ;)  How is it that I can leave my little old Samsung phone at Disney and never get it back??

*I'm off to peruse through my Real Simple Magazine that just came in the mail...I love a new magazine!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Six Word Memoir

My friend Andrea tagged me to write a 6 word memoir and here is my weak attempt:







it's harder than you think to write 6 words about yourself. so, i tried to think of 6 words that if i was gone, people might remember about me. with that said, i am going to tag 5 people (as per andrea's instruction) to write their own memoir.

Lauren C, Ellen B, Natalie P, Lauren W, Elizabeth E, and Ashleigh K.

the instructions are to write your own six word memoir.
post it on your blog, including an illustration if you’d like.
link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible so that it can be tracked as it travels across the blogosphere.
tag at least five more blogs with links.
leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eleven Months!

11 months old today!
Wanting to play with breakable items instead of take pictures
Sooo very sad that Mom won't let me stay on the table
Much better now that I have the camera cap
Nap time!  He LOVES to stick the silky part of the blanket in his mouth.
Hiding under the kitchen table
First time on his new swing!
Jason put this swing in our front yard and he loves it.  J did a great job setting it up between 2 trees so that Preston can swing in all directions.  I think his face says it all!