Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Days

Preston started school last week. (MDO) He seemed to do great. When I dropped him off the first day he ran to play with the trucks and never looked back! With his birthday being in May, he's one of the youngest in the class. Most of the other children in the class are potty-training. I'll be interested to see how this rubs off on him. At home Preston has shown no interest in it...to the point where I was just going to wait until bebe was here and settled before I started that adventure.  But after 2 weeks of school now his teachers have said that he's really trying and watching all the others go on the potty is very intriguing.  Enough potty talk, now pictures...

A little gift for his teacher on the first day
Got some new kicks for school
the classic 'first day of school picture'...he wasn't interested in smiling!
Sleepy boy...he's not exactly a morning person! ;)

And last but not least, I'm including a link to a post I read.  It's about ceremonies and traditions (i.e. starting school) and so much more.  It's encouraging and convicting...I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Here's a little excerpt:

If we chose to "exult in monotony," to embrace habitual ceremony, would we be inviting the same God who instituted the observances of feasts, temple ceremonies, the service of communion, to be our strength too?

Perhaps the repetitiveness of ceremony does not stifle the Spirit, but ceremony invites us to regular meeting places, places to commune with the Spirit.

Preston's birthday

As I said in this post, I have a lot of catching up to do!  One of the events I wanted to recap was Preston's birthday.  This year we planned a birthday party with a Firetruck theme!  We were going to have it at one of the stations in town...complete with a tour and everything.  Invitations were sent out, cake ordered, balloons bought, party favors made, etc.  We were ready!  Then 2 days before we get a call saying we could not have his party at the Firehouse because all public events in the city had been cancelled due to swine flu. :(  We were bummed, and thought about just having a party anyway, but it didn't seem the same without going to Fire Dept.  So, we might try again for birthday number 3!  Hopefully his LOVE for all things Firetruck will stick around!
The best part about a cancelled party for Preston is that he had no idea! ;)  So we had some family over to celebrate that weekend.  Here's a few pics:

Mimi got you a very cool antique school desk!  And you are wondering why I am taking your picture?!
Of course Mimi put gifts inside the desk just for you!
You got the hang of opening your gifts!
And you loved trying on your gifts!
I made Tres Leches cake for everyone else, but knew that you would love an Elmo cupcake because you happen to love everything Elmo!

Here's some fun things about you at 2:
You request to watch Sesame Street every morning while you eat your breakfast by saying, "Elmo Please!"
You have jumped up quite a bit on the growth percentile charts....growing 2 1/4 inches in 6 months.
If you fall down or hurt yourself  you like to tell me exactly where it hurts so I can kiss it.  And if you think I've hurt myself or am sad you will come over to me and pat my back.  So sweet!
You love to jump off the side of the pool to us and could do this for hours on end!
Each time you see a Firetruck you shout EEEE-OOOO-EEEE-OOOO!

And just three short months later at 27 months:
You have become quite independent, saying the phrase..."I do it, No I do it!"  This happens most often in the car where you want no help into your car seat.
You love to open and close doors saying Hi and Bye and you come and go.  You have a much harder time opening doors than closing and I am so thankful for this.  I am not ready for you to come and go as you please.
You are always asking what something is or what the name is.  So you learn new words everyday and it's amazing to hear you repeat things that I didn't even know you knew.
When you count out loud you like to go back and forth between 2 and 3 over and over.
When you see that Bella's bowls are empty you pick them up and help get her more food.
Our car rides consist mostly of spotting planes, diggers, and buses...where you ask each time if we can "ride the bus!"
When we pass a Chick-fil-a you like to say "Fries!" and when we pass a Wendy's you say, "Ice Cream!" (frosty).  Not because this is what you get each time, but because this is what you WANT each time! :)

Preston, you are loved and cherished and it's a joy to be your Mom!