Monday, May 10, 2010


Our little (big) boy got glasses {in March}. The question I get most often is - How did you know he needed them? And I think that most pediatricians check children at their 2 year appt. Preston was checked using some sort of machine and it came up that one eye was slightly stronger than the other and I was told to take P to see a specialist. But that it was nothing to be alarmed about.
So a few weeks later we got in to see the Doctor and long story short - he cleared us to go home and said his eyes were fine.
Obviously that's not the end of the story! :) Around Jan/Feb of this yearJason's grandmother and dad came to us and said they thought Preston may have a problem with his eyes. They could see that one of his eyes was moving in slightly when he looked at certain things. {I should mention Jason's dad and one of his brothers also had a similar problem so Mimi had a pretty good idea that this was the same thing.} So of course I started watching him like a hawk and thought I was seeing it myself. Then I did some research and decided to get a second opinion.
We went to another specialist and she confirmed our suspicions. He has strabismus - commonly confused with lazy eye, but it's not. Strabismus is more of a crossing of the eyes when they focus.
I had so many thoughts when they told me he needed glasses, but honestly one of the first was how in the world was I going to keep glasses on a 2 year old boy???
But true to Preston style, he adjusted smoothly. We went and picked some out (not a ton of choices in children's glasses, but we found some we liked), put them on and he only asked to take them off a handful of times. And now he asks to put them on when we forget. sweet boy. :)
We don't know how long he'll have glasses, maybe for life? We are praying that the glasses will do their job and strengthen the eye so that we won't have to move on to the next steps...patching and/or surgery.