Saturday, October 2, 2010

My lil Pumpkins

We love to go to Calloway's each Fall. They have a fun "Kid day" where they have activities for kids and we enjoy trying to get a few pictures too. and by a few, I mean take 300 and get 10 that look okay.
Since I was a horrible blogger in 2009, I'm including pictures from last year and this year. Can't believe how different Preston looks 1 year later, and of course there's a new addition to our family this year! ;)


Preston's 1st day of school

Here's Preston's first day of "school" Pic this year. He goes on Tuesday/Thursdays and continues to love it. One of his best friends, Truman, is in his class this year which is so fun for him! He is my social bug...asking each day to have a friend over to play! So I love this little outlet for him!