Saturday, July 11, 2009

May & June Recap

I have not posted in so long that it's pathetic.  So before we head out of town (again!) I thought I would throw some pictures of our summer up here to somewhat summarize what we've been doing...although it doesn't capture every does make me feel a little better about my lack of blogging.
Preston turned 2 on May 1st.  This deserves its own post.  But I will go ahead and tell you we did a little celebration with family after his firetruck party got cancelled due to Swine Flu! what?
This summer we've been he is checking out a book.
My dear friend Amy has been helping me (she's really doing all the work...I don't know how to sew)make some much needed pillows for our couch.  we needed to add some color to our living room.
There's the couch with no pillows...see, told you! :)
Trains still keep us very entertained
and sometimes we swing...if it's not 104 degrees outside!
We've been to the lake twice...and these will get their own post too! :)
I turned 30 in May!
And the same week we found out we are expecting a second little one in the New Year!!  It was a wonderful birthday present!
As another birthday gift, Jason surprised me with a weekend get-away!  This will also get its own post!  Can you tell how behind I am on blogging? :(
Preston loves to play at the playground down the street!
In May, we also had to cut down 5 of our pine trees.  I'll post more on this too!
I had my first Mooyah burger experience.  It was quite tasty I must say!
We have swam A LOT this summer.  It's been HOT.  Most of the time we swim at the gym we belong to, or we swim at friends' pools!
We've been able to fit some "down-time" in too!
Did I mention the trains?  Oh yes, morning, noon, and night!  Here he is building his own track.
We've had play dates with friends.  Miss Lily dresses up to ride the pony!
And of course, we've had silly times too!
I better hit "publish" or I will never get this done.  Even though I just remembered I didn't post anything about our 5 year anniversary!  wow, another post.  It's never done! ;)Happy Summer!