Saturday, September 20, 2008

Houston: Part 2

Here are some more pics from our trip to Houston this summer.  We stayed at my parents while they were gone, and had some friends come visit during out "stay-cation"!  We had a blast.

Bella's new bff, David.
David and Natalie
Pretty sure this pic is of me...hard to tell.  It was a great time to ski, the lake was like glass.

The fam
fun times
Kelli, me, and Nat on the boat.  Preston hated wearing a life jacket.
Clapping with Avery!  She's so sweet.
The gang: Heidi, Adelle, Andrew, Brent, Preston, J and me.

Heidi and Andrew searching for bugs!
The perfect smore...we enjoyed a few of these this summer!
There are no words!

Adelle and Andrew at the pond
Andrew makes a sand angel!
Had to take a pic of this...just for the irony of it all.  Saving the life vest!
Pizza picnic!
Adelle at the park
Andrew patiently waiting to go fishing!
Andrew driving the jet-ski!  Y'all, he's four!  Isn't that great?!
Until next time...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Houston: Part 1

Our weekend plans included driving to Houston to see some of my family.  Of course those plans have now changed since Hurricane Ike is just hours away from arrival.  My dad said it took him about 4 hours to get home from the airport yesterday…this usually takes an hour!  So the chaos has begun…gas stations running out of gas, grocery stores out of water, I-45 becoming a parking lot, etc!

The first hurricane I can remember was Alicia in 1983.  It was a cat. 3 that came through Galveston as well.  We were living in Kingwood at the time and I just remember staring out the windows and seeing the trees sway and then snap!  Landing on cars, houses (splitting our neighbors garage in half!), roads…everywhere.  It took days just to move the trees so people could drive again.

Well, I hope this hurricane is not the same, and we’re praying for the safety of all those in its path.

Because every post needs some pics here are some from this summer when we were in Houston!

The duck.  Bella's reason for living.
Fetching the duck.  Loving life.
Checking out Papa's briefcase
Enjoying the deck
Boat time
Bella lovin life again.
Sound asleep
Nature.  We saw an eagle too!
My mom's new puppy.  we went and picked it up while we were in town.  P loves her.
My mom named her Dottie.  (See the dots on tummy?)
Just like his momma...loves the ice!
Afternoon thunderstorm coming in!
Golf cart rides!  A must.
Sharing snacks with Bella
Walks in the morning with P and the dogs.  Notice 2 strollers but only 1 kid.  ;)
Little bit of fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

14, 15, 16 months

Thought I would give a little update about little P man.  You can tell from his monthly pictures below that his appearance hasn't changed much, but his ability has!  He has many new talents and milestones.  He's down to one nap a day, and probably has been since 15 months.  He played with 2 for quite a while.  We have to keep most doors closed in the house or else he's getting into things.  The bathroom is a favorite of his...putting toys in the toilet, unwrapping the roll of toilet paper, and pulling trash from the trash can.  Oh yes, and he can manage to do it in seconds!  He loves to open and close doors, and still bangs on the doors to go outside.  Seems he understands a lot of what we're saying and will respond to simple commands.  A new favorite word is hot said, "ott".  And then he slowly and deliberately blows on his food...doesn't matter if it's already hot or cold.  It's pretty cute.  He enjoys playing peek-a-boo and covers up his face, and doing the motions to Itsy-Bitsy Spider.  And of course with all this growth has come a new independence for himself.  Like feeding himself with a fork/spoon, still objecting to diaper changes, screaming when he doesn't get his way, etc.  so fun! ;)  I think he also may be on the verge of getting some more teeth. 

feeding himself and only some of it actually getting in the mouth

Dipping French Toast
It's so messy, but he has so much fun doing it that I can't help but let him.  He loves to dip anything!!!! 
14 months

15 months

16 months